Rental Policies and Procedures

Please read the following policies.  If you feel you meet the guidelines for qualifying, we encourage you to submit an application.

We are glad you are interested in our rental policy. For your convenience, we have prepared this overview of our guidelines used in processing all rental applications. Please feel free to ask any questions. All initials below indicate full understanding of each part of this approval process. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please discuss prior to completion.

Payment, along with any/all required information, must be submitted before our team can begin processing your application.

Our office will begin providing updates within 24 BUSINESS HOURS and after 1pm CST after your application has been submitted.

Once your application is complete and approved, you will have:

  • 24 BUSINESS HOURS to submit your NON-REFUNDABLE security deposit in the form of MONEY ORDER or CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY.
  • Rental Unit Availability

    Rental units only become available when they are completely ready to rent, including cleaning, painting, and the completeion of all maintenance work and planned improvements. Rental unit availability can change as units become available during the day or are removed from the rental market based on rentals, cancellations, or maintenance issues.

    Occupancy Guidelines

    In compliance with all applicable fair-housing laws, we have established restrictions on the total number of persons that may occupy a rental unit. Our guidelines allow two persons per bedroom plus one additional person per unit. These guidelines are to prevent overcrowding and are in keeping with the limitations of the rental application system. Occupancy will be limited to ther person indicated on the original rental application and lease only, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any proposed additional tenants must complete a rental application and be processed and approved through the same tenant-screening process prior to occupy the rental unit.

    Application Process

    All rental applications are evaluated in the smae manner. Each adult applicant must voluntarily provide his or her social security card for us to obtain a consumer report. Every adult applicant must complete a separate application form and pay the nonrefundable application fee in advance. Any false or incomplete information will rsult in the denial of your application. If discovered after you are approved and have moved in, we reserve the righ to terminate your tenancy. We will verify the information provided on each rental application through our own screening efforts and/or with the assistance of an independent tenant-screening firm. A credit report, criminal history, employment and rental reference for each and every applicant in a given rental unit will determine whether our rental criteria has been met. Unless we need to verify information by regular mail, we are usually able to process a rental application in one or two days.

    Fair Housing

    Goss Management & Realty adheres strictly to all requirements of the Fair Housing laws.  We do not discriminate against any applicant for any reasons of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or physical or mental disability.

    We are an equal opportunity housing provider. It is our policty to rent our units in full compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act and all state and local housing laws. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, ethnic background, religion, sex, age, marital or family status, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

    Application Fees
    Credit Criteria
    Income Criteria
    Rental Verification

    Each rental applicant must be able to demonstrate a pattern of meeting their rental obligations, leaving prior rental properites in good condition and not having a pattern of complaints from neighbors. We will require satisfactory rental references from at least two prior landlords. If you have ever been evicted for any lease violation, your application may be denied. If you have a balance owed for a prior rental property and have not paid the balance owed, your application may be denied.

    Criminal/Background Screening

    If you have ever been convicted of, pled guilty, or no consent to a felony or misdemeanor involving violence, drug activity, or honesty, your application may be denied. Please provide this information up front. Sexual offenders, regardless of level, will be denied.


    If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, you may be able to qualify for a rental unit if you have a third party located within the state that will guarantee your lease. The guarantor(s) must pass the same application and screening process, except we will deduct the guarantor(s) own housing cost before comparing his or her income to our criteria.

    Application Checklist
    As-Is Condition

    Tenant acknowledges and agrees that Tenant accepts each Property Location in “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” condition and agrees that Landlord makes no representation or warranty as to the condition thereof. Tenant further acknowledges and agrees that, prior to the Commencement Date, Tenant or an affiliate of Tenant has been in sole and exclusive possession and control of each Property Location.

    Approval and Move-In Conditions

    Goss Management & Realty will continue to advertise and consider all other applications for the subject property until the following has been provided:

    Next Step
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